Minimal Side Dishes | Stoneware 6"

Minimal Dishes are an extension of our Minimal Dinnerware Collection The design is available in four serving sizes, a Dinner Dish, Salad Dish, and two Side Dishes. The 6" Side Dish works perfectly for dessert or toast while the 4" Side Dish is just the right size for a side of bread or even as a coaster for your drink. Each piece is handmade using our proprietary sand stoneware and finished in our signature ivory glaze. The glaze on the rim of each piece has been removed to allow the warmth of the sand clay to be highlighted. Product Dimensions: 4” Side Dish: 4.5” w x .5” h 6” Side Dish: 6.5” w x .75” h Product Specifications: Dishes are sold individually. Material: Sand Stoneware Glaze: Ivory Use: Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, food safe; not tested for oven safety